AI is Already Impacting Government. What’s Your Agency’s Response?

Commentary from the Center for Data Innovation’s 4th Annual Data Innovation Day

The Complexity of Simplicity: Part 1

How was your day today? Fine. If you were ever a teenager in another life or a parent in this one, this standard greeting will sound very familiar to you.

How Federal Agencies Set Fees

In order set accurate fees, government agencies need to identify their costs of providing products and services. However, that’s often easier said than done.

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Service Design in Government

Springtime has arrived and flowers are beginning to bloom. A new season is here and a new collection of colors has appeared. It’s time for spring cleaning, both at home and at work. Government forms and processes, just like closets, get cluttered over time. Bring in the feeling of “fresh” and “new” into your customer experience through service design.


Agile Project Management- Who Does It Best?

If you’ve read magazines like US Weekly or People, you’ve seen the “Who Wore It Best” section. Readers are asked to compare two celebrities who wore the same outfit and judge who pulled it off. Being the project management nerds that we are, we looked at ITDashboard.gov data to see which federal agencies make agile project management work for them.


Agile isn’t 100% better for Federal software projects

But it is more popular for project managers. Agile software projects outnumber waterfall projects by nearly two-to-one.[i] [ii] Is it performing as promised? Based on data from ITDashboard.gov, not quite.


Vergys 2016 Giving Recap

Vergys is all about giving, social responsibility, and helpfulness.  While these values are simple, research shows doing good makes us feel good.  This is why we offer “do good perks”, which include eight hours of volunteer time off per year, charitable gift matching, and Vergys-wide charitable initiatives. (more…)