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#FedGovHack 12 – Do More With Your Org Chart

Organization charts have not changed appreciably since their origins at the onset of the 19th century -boxes connected via straight lines or dotted lines to other boxes. (more…)

#FedGovHack 11 – Fix IT One Agency Problem at a Time

Everyone agrees that the $80 billion dollars spent annually on federal IT systems could be better managed. Not surprisingly the problems are multidimensional and span many functional areas. (more…)

#FedGovHack 10 – Be smarter about budget planning

Anyone that has developed budgets knows that it is an inexact science and budgeting for federal agencies is particularly inexact. Federal budget planners have to consider that funding will come from multiple sources at different times during the fiscal year. (more…)

#FedGovHack 9 – Remove Acquisition Dupes

It is not novel to suggest that the federal IT acquisition process needs improvement. For one, the issue is well documented and seems to be receiving ever more attention. And many institutions are already pursuing large scale, creative solutions to the problem. (more…)

#FedGovHack 8 – Small Data Matters Too

Increased computing power has given society the ability to analyze extremely large data sets to reveal patterns, trends, and correlations. So called, Big Data, is purported to have the potential to cure cancer, prevent terrorism, and even feed the world(more…)